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TAKE CARE OF NATURE start recycling today and help us protect our environment TAKE CARE OF NATURE start recycling today and help us protect our environment


Over 40 years of manufacturing experience

Recycled Garbage Bags
Drawstring, Star Sealing, Bottom Sealing Garbage Bags

Durable, leak proof and flexible garbage bags which can be customized in color, size and gauge.

Shrink Films

Durable, leak proof and flexible shrink films that can be customized in any color, size and gauge, and also with print, color and perforation options.

Polyethylene Films

LDPE and HDPE bags with high flexibility and durability.

VCI Bags

VCI Pe ensures a long lasting protection of the metals such as iron, steel, zinc, copper, lead from humidity and corrosion, by forming a protective and durable layer.


Posetsan Date Plastik's goal is to provide strong and reliable products at a good pricee.

About Us


Poşetsan Date Plastik was founded in 1980 by Mustafa Telli in Tahtakale, Istanbul and started its production of plastic raw materials and packaging. With the principle of offering durable products, innovative solutions to its business partners and being a reliable company, Poşetsan Date Plastic has become one of the leading companies in the sector.

Poşetsan Date Plastic has an annual production of 1,500 tons in a 3.000 m2 closed area in Istanbul with thirty employees. Having garbage bags, drawstring scented garbage bags, industrial roll garbage bags, medical waste bags, custom sized roll garbage bags, shrink films, stretch films, LDPE and HDPE in its product range, Poşetsan Date Plastic also manufactures customized garbage bags based on the request.

In the recycling facilities of Poşetsan Date Plastic, waste products are converted into HDPE-LDPE-LLDPE granular raw materials with specially developed washing techniques and filtering methods. Durable garbage bags are then manufactured using these recycled raw materials.

With the reliability stemming from forty years of experience, Poşetsan Date Plastic embraces innovative methods and an eco-friendly production mindset in order to proceed on the way to become the leader of the sector.


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